Your upfront & raw online masterclass

Our Ring of Fire masterclass is not a training for building a successful business. It's an upfront & raw online Masterclass that will coach you to become a better startup and scale-up leader.

👉What we do is allowing you to understand the grind behind entrepreneurship: the blood sweat and tears, the mistakes, the stress, and most important overcoming the unexpected key challenges in such a way that you are making the right calls, decisions that are good for you in the long run.

👉No matter which opportunity you are spotting in the market or any urgent problem you intent to solve, every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur is going to follow a roadmap including several key checkpoints.

👉The checkpoints play a crucial role for the entrepreneur, the team and the proposition in reflecting and most importantly to have a navigation check. A check to determine whether you are on the right path, whether you are moving in the right direction.

🔥In the heat of the moment, there is always time to jump through your ring of fire!

Your upfront & raw online masterclass