When the rope snaps

What would you do? When the rope snaps is the shameless story of a tech entrepreneur who, in the prime of his life, loses control over his life, his business, his family and ultimately himself through wrong choices. Raw, moving and personal. The author leaves no stone unturned. This book is about the vulnerable side of entrepreneurship in tech.

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When the rope snaps

Kees Amsterdam

Het openhartige, kwetsbare en toch ook grappige verhaal. Hij surfte als ambitieuze #techondernemer op de toppen van de golven, belandde in de spelonken van de oceaan maar vocht zich krachtiger dan ooit terug aan wal. It pays to be A winner

Martin Zwolle

Received it Friday, finished it tonight. What can I say: Brutally honest, sometimes felt like reading your diary. The stress of a scale up is recognizable, I was jumping from feeling sorry that you were carrying all that weight on your shoulders, to what the F… were you doing! I can not imagine what your loved ones went through and deep respect that you shared your story which hopefully helps others to stay on track. I think for everybody doubting to be an entrepreneur (with employees) and all entrepreneurs that are scaling your story is a must read. This is the hard truth, a rollercoaster with high peaks and sometimes bigger lows!

Mathis Christian

This is a story about mistakes, weakness and bad choices by very successful entrepreneur but really is learning about strength and courage to be brutal honest about oneself. Its shockingly near to reality of entrepreneurs these times. You get coached while reading. guaranteed. I felt like I‘m sitting in a bar and Gerrit sits right in front of me and is telling me everything about the crazy startup world of and its mad characters.